Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with the night sky, the weather, solving problems with creativity, and learning everything I can about the world around us.  As I have grown, those passions have stuck with me and guided me in my life.  During my time in college however, I have grown to realize that my passions not only lie in learning about the secrets of universe myself, but also in sharing it with others.  There is amazing scientific research being done every day, and my drive lies in making sure that the knowledge gained from those studies is shared with everyone to use and enjoy.  Science is for everyone, and my passion has become making sure it stays that way.



                                -Rena Sletten



Rena recently completed her final semester at Drake University studying public relations, physics and astronomy.  Though Iowa has become her second home, she is originally from Stoughton, Wisconsin, a quaint little city located near the state’s capital.  

At college, Katrina has served as the president of the Drake Society of Physics Students (SPS) and is a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). She also enjoys writing for both her school magazine, the Annual, and the Physics and Astronomy Department newsletter.  As well, Katrina has worked on two research projects during her time at Drake, studying the morphology of Seyfert galaxies and a student-lead project developing a feasible radiation shield for interplanetary travel.  She can often be found spending her Friday nights at the Drake Municipal Observatory, where she operates telescopes and engages the public with the wonders of the night sky. This past summer Katrina worked at the Museum of Flight as a Brooke Owens Fellow in their Digital Learning Department.

In her free time, Katrina enjoys creating artwork, reading science fiction, fantasy and astrophysics books, throwing on some headphones to listen to a podcast or her Spotify playlists or enjoying her time outside in the fresh air. She is a strong believer that there is room in any schedule to fit in an adventure, explore something new, or just have fun!