Drake university • des moines, IA

Dual degree seeking student, Triple Major in Public Relations (B.A.J.M.C.), Astronomy (B.S.), and Physics (B.S.) with a Minor in Mathematics

  • Awarded the Jon Vermedahl Award for first year physics student with most positive progress 
  • Awarded the Holmes-Cowper Scholarship Award for Outstanding Junior Astronomy Student
  • Awarded 2017 Clarion Award for Written Original Material for Easter Seals ATC Facebook Content Calendar group submission
  • Recipient of the Presidential Scholarship from Drake University
  • Drake University Dean's List 2015 and Spring 2017, President's List Spring 2016
  • GPA: 3.56/4.0 Cumulative
  • Expected Graduation: December 2018




The drake Municipal observatory • Des Moines, IA

Observatory Assistant, September 2014–Present

  • Set up and operate reflecting Cassegrain telescopes, as well as use an 8 1/2 inch refractor.

  •  Locate various night sky objects for people to view

  • Educate visitors about the night sky and what they are observing


drake university physics and astronomy department • Des Moines, IA

Newsletter Contributor, November 2017–Present

  • Assist in the design, creation, and writing of the department alumni newsletter

  • Generate original content in relation to the current state of the Drake Physics and Astronomy Department and scientific community


The annual • Des Moines, IA

Writer, November 2017–Present

  • Produce science-related articles for the Drake University award-winning magazine

  • Investigate scientific topics and articulate them to readers in an eloquent fashion


The science center of iowa • Des Moines, IA

Camps Educator, May 2017–August 2017

  • Constructed and executed scientific-based curriculum for children in grades 1st through 8th

  • Engaged and educated kids about various scientific concepts through intellectually stimulating and exciting activities while reaching them at their level of understanding

  • Collaborated with other staff to lead groups of approximately two dozen campers each week

  •  Learned to be adaptable and comfortable working with all age groups and science topics to help instruct camps where needed


drake university school of journalism and mass communication • Des Moines, IA

Communications Research Coder, September 2017–January 2018

  • Primary Investigator: Matthew Thornton, Ph.D.

  • Conducted objective analysis of political articles associated with the 2016 presidential election

  • Categorized key components of articles to find themes and trends among the political media for the 2016 election


drake University physics and astronomy department • Des Moines, IA

Physics Lab Grader, January 2017–May 2017

  • Evaluated Physics 011 lab reports to check for accuracy and understanding and gave constructive feedback


drake University physics and astronomy department • Des Moines, IA

Astronomy Lab Assistant, January 2016–January 2017

  • Set up lab equipment such as telescopes, centrifuge instruments and spectroscopes when needed for a lab activity

  • Assisted students with lab activities and calculations when support was needed


Research Experience

drake university physics and astronomy department • Des moines, IA

The Influence of Bulge Morphology on the Nuclei of Seyfert Galaxies 

Student Research, January 2016-Present

  • Primary Investigator: Charles Nelson, Ph.D.

  • Analyze Hubbell Space Telescope images of Seyfert galaxies to determine the host galaxy morphology and the bulge magnitude

  • Use software called GALFIT and IRAF and have basic skill of image processing

  • Presented research poster at DUCARS 2016 and DUCARS 2017 at Drake University


drake university physics and astronomy department • Des moines, IA

MISSFIT (Magneto-Ionization Spacecraft Shield for Interplanetary Travel)

Student Research, January 2017-Present

  • Collaborative student-lead research project

  • Research and develop a feasible radiation shield for interplanetary travel

  • Presented research poster at DUCARS 2017 at Drake University


Leadership & Community Engagement

  • Fellow of the 2018 Brooke Owens Fellowship Program
  • President: The Society of Physics Students at Drake University (2015-2017)
  • Student Volunteer: The Science Center of Iowa, Passageway Clubhouse, Christ Lutheran Church
  • Stoughton (WI) High School golf team player all four years; lettered in both athletics and academics


Computer Skills

  • Python, proficient skillset

  • IRAF, proficient skillset

  • GALFIT, basic skill of image processing

  • Microsoft office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), highly proficient

  • Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Premiere Pro, proficient skillset



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